How to create an Invoice from AliExpress with Profitario

How to create an Invoice from AliExpress with Profitario

In this guide we will show your step by step how you can create a Profitario Account, connect our Chrome Extension and how to download Invoices. It might seem overwhelming at first but if you follow every step one after the other you will have your Invoices in no time :).

If you still need help go to app.profitario.com and click the little Icon on the bottom left to chat with us.

Watch our video or scroll down for a written guide

Step 1 (Create an account)

First you need an account. To create one go to the register page. Enter your email and a secure password and click "Create Account".

Step 2 (Install the Chrome Extension)

To create Invoices we need Information about your AliExpress Orders. To provide us with this information you need to install our Chrome Extension in your browser.

All you have to do is go to the Chrome Webstore and install our Extension. Click here to download the Extension.

Step 3 (Authenticate the Extension)

After you have installed the Extension successfully you need to connect the Extension to Profitario Account.

If you go to your AliExpress OrderPage without the Extension beeing connected your will see a Notification like this.

Profitario Authenticate Notification

Click the "Authenticate" Button. This will take you right back to profitario and show a message that the authentication has been successfull.

You can start uploading your order information when you see installed under the AliExpress Logo on the Extension Page.

Profitario Chrome Extension installed

Step 4 (Upload orders to Profitario)

To start the upload you need to go to your AliExpress Orders Page.

At the top you will now see a new bar appearing on this page

Profitario upload options on aliexpress

Click Start Export to start uploading your orders. The Extension will now go through every order in your account and save the data. Once every order has been saved the upload will start.

If you have many orders, this process can take some time. You can just leave the browser window open and do something else, the extension will continue the process automatically.

Step 5 (Download the Invoice)

Wow we are almost done :). Once the upload is finished please go to the Invoice page (Click here).

Here you need to fill in your company details. Once you click refresh, all your Information has been saved (You wont need to add this information everytime you want to create an Invoice)

Feel free to click around.

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